K M Bosy

My practice is in part concerned with representing or recording the affect of sites using film, drawing and photographic print. In doing so the process of making artworks gains performativity in a way that generates questions of presence.

How do you get there from here?
bucket shot film series 1-6

In these films, I am mapping physical sites that can be considered owned public spaces. Combined with an upwards reading of sites, my films layer the movement of the water inside a container over the image of sky and record the rhythm of my walk. In this way the filmed image is mediated by the water and this raises questions of subjectivity and affect; the ways in which the digital can unsettle context from its role in communicating or creating meaning is a central concern.

Inside here
app form artwork, iOS and Android

Literal altitude relative to the symbolic ground floor of home is offered as a prompt to consider one's own reality through the lens of poetic symbolism. This artwork allows 'shares' to my blog creating an online artwork.


this may be important: layered inkjet print, graphite, 55cm x 75cm
in side here: layered inkjet print, spray paint, filmoplast tape, 33cm x 48cm

K M Bosy

Recent exhibitions include 31ÂșC, ASC Gallery, London, 2017; Thinking Through Sound at the The Design Museum, Royal College of Art, November 2016; and Of Improvisation, a pop-up exhibition at Apiary Studios, December 2015, which launched Inside here, a two-part smartphone app form artwork and on-going online artwork.

I am based in London, UK, where I am an MPhil/PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art. My work is currently held at the Eagle Gallery (Emma Hill Fine Arts) in London.

I studied painting at OCA(DU) in Toronto and for a postgraduate year at Piazza Independenza Studio, OCA(DU), Florence, Italy. For my postgraduate education, I studied with Stanley Jones at the Slade School, UCL, University of London, England.

Exhibitions include group shows at Curwen Gallery, The Eagle Gallery and Small is Beautiful, Flowers Galleries, London, England. My work has been included in Art Frankfurt, London Contemporary Art Fair, Bath International Art Fair and Toronto International Art Fair.